Mary Jane Ellsworth

About:  Mary Jane    (mje)   A WORK IN PROGRESS.profile_picture

Continuing to organize the Blog, with title “Big Bang Rambling, Poetry & Quicksketches”.

Quicksketches:  To be posted a few at a time (There are 100’s spanning over 13 years) or by request to view.  Mostly “people on TV news programs” (by specific date and program or network, congressional hearings, politicians and commentators, scientists, and a few in other categories).

Individuals selected for drawing and posting of Quicksketches are random or per request and should indicate no preference by me or special regard of individuals, programs, networks or political parties.

Recent Posts:

Beginning Year 2000 Quicksketches on file, including those which have been rotated from this list as well as those which have never been posted, may be requested by email

Most recent posts may be seen in the Quicksketch column on this page.




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